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The Complete View

Casino management systems rely on sophisticated data collection to provide a 360-degree player profile.

The Complete View

Synkros Dashboards gives operators a single location to observe, test and process dozens of dashboard indicators spanning all major areas of their business

Drill-down data flaunts new sophistication.

Bridging the business-human intelligence realm with improved capability, it shows expanded influence in the gaming world.

A new phase follows the color-coded visual scoreboards and touch-screen application that replaced arduous, manual number-crunching. Increased functionality provides game-versus-game, shift-versus-shift and machine-versus-machine comparison.

Operators glean two major benefits.

One is the strength of slick machinery, whether it impacts spreadsheets, data mining, querying software or digital dashboards. Two is the setup of split-second human-intelligence decision-making. That can span deployment of more people to a high-action game, predicting staffing needs on a major weekend or when to replace ineffective games.

Several respected companies have stepped up to become players in this space.

Revving it Up

The new RevMax Plus performance optimization program from Aristocrat Gaming helps operators of all sizes maximize game investment through custom and confidential data-driven analytics.

Created by Aristocrat’s data analytics team, RevMax Plus proactively monitors the performance of Aristocrat games across the casino floor. The information allows for the development of customized product recommendations individualized to every operator. This results in casino floor adjustments that create the right product mix, aimed at optimizing performance and title diversification.

“RevMax Plus is a testament of Aristocrat’s commitment to our customers and symbolizes where our services meet our exceptional technological capabilities,” says Jon Hanlin, senior vice president of commercial strategy and business analytics for Aristocrat. “As a former operator, I understand the importance of data to make critical decisions that directly affect revenue. RevMax Plus delivers solid, data-based recommendations that are unique to each operator’s individual floor.”

Operator response has been enthusiastic.

“Only Aristocrat has a program like RevMax that takes a data-driven approach to proactively identify opportunities for product improvement,” says Patrick Crawley, gaming revenue manager for Thunder Valley Casino Resort. “When you’re managing thousands of games, it’s great to have a partner that cares enough to share the load.”

Assessments will help identify improvement areas if needed. In the February 2021 Reel Hot Index, Aristocrat has the top 18 best-performing premium titles. If the lineup juggles substantially—perhaps certain games falling off the Top 25 list—they could become candidates for further, data-driven review.

RevMax Plus is the latest version of Aristocrat’s RevMax solution, which has been helping customers boost performance since 2008. The new RevMax Plus includes multiple enhancements, such as:

  • dedicated data team providing holistic analysis and game optimization recommendations
  • comprehensive and confidential analysis
  • monthly performance reports and proactive enhancement solutions
  • enhanced and vetted data analytics

The Synkros Connection

The dashboards are a specialty of the Synkros casino management system from Konami Gaming, Inc., which empowers operators to capture and compile data through all connected areas of the property—gaming and non-gaming—to generate a 360-degree patron view.

“In recent years, one of the biggest changes has been the increasing depth and breadth of information available to the operator,” says Jay Bertsch, senior vice president and chief commercial officer for Konami. “As systems gather more data across various sources throughout the venue, the ability to review and act on this data becomes critical to maintaining a competitive edge. Operators are looking for tools and technology that allow them to better access and understand their data with strong accuracy and agile integrations.

“Reporting and analytics have always been important to Konami’s systems offering,” he adds. “The wealth of data our Synkros casino management system generates—combined with the data it captures through robust integrations—gives properties powerful of information on their business. And we’ve expanded our offering to include tools like Synkros Dashboards, so operators are able to access that with incredible convenience and interactivity. Casino properties across the globe invest heavily in business intelligence solutions, but they are often difficult to use on a daily basis to drive actionable results.”

Synkros Dashboards gives operators a single location to observe, test and process dozens of dashboard indicators spanning all major areas of their business, including slots, table games, player loyalty and marketing. This creates immediate data-driven insights to power key decision-making that can drive revenues and optimize business spend across the operation.

Among the strongest challenges faced with casino analytics currently are slow integrations, antiquated visualization displays, and inconvenient access. Essentially, external data warehouses are pushing delayed data to outdated displays within a separate application. Synkros Dashboards instead leverages direct source data for optimal speed and accuracy, and deploys it to the industry’s latest and most intuitive visualization tool, which lives within the Synkros ecosystem.

Each customizable dashboard is fully interactive, with unique insights across varied levels of detail. To illustrate, operators can instantly view performance throughout the entire floor, or pinpoint a specific bank, machine, and even the specific game theme within a multi-game machine.

And within that, they can filter for specific manufacturer, game denominations, and other key criteria points. With Synkros this can even be expanded on an enterprise level with multi-site data sources pointing to a single interactive dashboard.

Seamless Leap to Gaming

Analytics Intell specializes in the development and delivery of secure, reliable end-to-end analytics and business intelligence solutions. For over 17 years, it’s been creating customized solutions for organizations in highly regulated industries such as financial and banking institutions, health care, retail, and integrated resort properties. That’s how the company knew it could hit the ground running for the gaming industry when approached, according to CEO David Bissainthe.

One of its highlighted products is Casino Intell. Some of its core functions include tracking floor activity at a glance, identifying real-time revenue opportunities, predictive prompts to increase gaming revenue, and the ability to view financials with a built-in, enterprise reporting platform.

“This product was developed out of the need for a smarter business intelligence and analytics solution for casinos,” says David Bissainthe. “Our vice president of business solutions, Christian Jabon, is a former business intelligence and analytics executive for a major casino enterprise operator who realized that there was a need for better tools to drive smarter insights for actionable recommendations and better floor optimization.

“When he couldn’t find a vendor to provide what he was looking for, he reached out to us (Analytics Intell), as he had worked with us while he was in the banking industry. We have since built a global team of experts in gaming intelligence, software development and technology, and psychology and neuroscience, to deliver a secure, intuitive and smarter intelligence solution for the casino industry.”

Casino Intell can be either cloud-based or on-premise, depending on the client’s preference. Casino Intell is the umbrella product.  Individual modules include:

  • Slot Intell
  • Player Intell
  • Table Intell
  • Executive Intell
  • Casino Marketing Intell
  • Staffing Intell
  • Floor Mapping Intell

The company is focusing on Slot Intell initially. Flash Intell is a feature that works across all the modules.

Bissainthe says the Casino Intell software solution delivers smarter intelligence for casino operators. This is his overview of some Casino Intell highlights:

Smarter UX

“Slot Intell enables users to easily explore the type and level of intelligence needed to make smart, informed, actionable decisions. From a performance overview of the entire casino floor, to the historical data of a particular section or bank, to the detailed transactional data of a particular gaming machine, Slot Intell allows users of all levels to quickly see the full picture of what is happening on their casino floor in a clear and intuitive way.”

Smarter Insights

“The Slot Intell suggestion engine incorporates advanced technology and neuroscience to provide smarter, adaptive suggestions—integrating historical transaction and performance data, as well as situational factors such as the unique property profile, specific environment and criteria, and internal/external events, to present smarter, actionable recommendations.”

Flash Intell

“Operators no longer need to search for the specific intelligence they need to do their jobs. The company’s customizable Flash Intell technology elevates the user experience by delivering the exact insights they need via the platforms they use every day. Flash Intell automatically scans every webpage or email and underlines relevant keywords. Users simply hover over a highlighted word and Flash Intell surfaces the predefined KPIs associated with that word in real time on a customizable pop-up flash card, delivering the intelligence they want at their fingertips.”

Data On the Rise

Data plays an increasingly significant role both in gaming and at Scientific Games Corporation, according to Ted Keenan, vice president of product management systems.

“With increased approvals for cloud-based solutions from gaming regulators and reduced infrastructure cost, more and more operators are taking on their journey to be a data-driven organization with automated real-time actions to provide the best player experience and achieve operational excellence,” Keenan says.

“There are more and more operators looking for solutions that can take action based on AI/ML algorithms in real time and automate it. SG’s Business Intelligence and Praxis Analytics solutions are specifically targeted to address these requirements, and we continue to invest in both products to partner with our customers in their journey to be complete data-driven organizations.”

Keenan adds the gaming industry is far behind compared to other industries in adopting AI/ML-based solutions. “With increased visibility and push for operators to be data-driven organizations, we expect more and more operators adopting these analytical solutions,” he says. “We expect demand for analytical solutions to grow continuously in upcoming years.”

One of the company’s highlight products is Business Intelligence (BI), an analytical solution providing descriptive analytics of casino resorts by looking at historical data.

Business Intelligence collects data through an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process from different systems like CMS, SMS, TMS, Hotel, POS, etc., and converts it into analytical format for operators to analyze. The data collected through these ETLs are then aggregated and made available to the end user by various front-end modules in BI.

The ability of Business Intelligence to combine data from multiple systems enables the operator to get a 360-degree view of their player and resort in a single place. BI is specifically designed for the gaming industry to give operators better understanding of:

  • Resort performance
  • Gaming floor performance
  • Player and game interaction
  • Player behavior and trending

 BI comes with multiple modules to enable the operator to review and make informed business decisions based on descriptive analytics generated in the system. 

  • Analytical Dashboards & Reports: A set of canned interactive dashboards and reports to provide insights on various departments of a casino with the ability to customize, schedule and create new dashboards. BI integrates with Tableau, a leading dashboarding and analytical tool, to provide interactive dashboards. 
  • Floor Analytics: A tool that allows users to create different KPIs to measure the performance of the gaming floor through heat maps. It allows viewing the floor map with countering, which helps the user to identify well-performing areas on the gaming floor with drill-down capabilities. 
  • Campaign Manager: Allows the user to manage, monitor and summarize multiple marketing campaigns. This marketing-driven application lets casinos compare budget versus actual ROI during and after campaigns to determine the effectiveness of each promotion. Campaign Manager automates marketing campaigns, allowing the marketing team to spend more time analyzing player performance instead of manually setting up campaigns. 

 Praxis Analytics is SG’s new analytical solution designed to take advantage of AI/ML technologies and provide a prescriptive analytics recommendation engine to casino operators. Praxis Analytics is an end-to-end solution that generates personalized recommendations at player and game level. Praxis integrates back to SG’s other systems to deliver these recommendations to players without adding any additional overhead to the operator’s day-to-day activity.

Some of the key use cases targeted by Praxis Analytics are:

  • Wallet Power Score: Identify the true Wallet Power Score of a player, indicating the player’s potential to spend more at the property by shifting their entertainment spend. Along with Wallet Power Score, the system generates personalized “Play X Get Y” recommendations for players to extend their session on a gaming device. 
  • Game Recommendations: Personalized game recommendations delivered to player directly on the EGM or mobile device. 
  • Player Breakpoint: Identify when a player might stop playing in real time and automatically trigger offers to extend their stay on device. 

 With end-to-end integration and continuous learning models, Praxis Analytics augments employee work functions and enables best-in-class player experience to patrons. Praxis Analytics can be deployed completely in cloud or on-premises, depending on the operator’s needs. Praxis takes care of data security and also makes sure there is no personally identifiable information (PIIs) stored in the SG cloud.

Gaming winners are those who see the patterns first, create a conclusion and make an administrative move. Business intelligence software brings the tools to the contest.

Casino Connection Sports Editor Dave Bontempo is an award-winning sports writer and broadcaster who calls boxing matches all over the world. He has covered the Philadelphia Flyers in the playoffs, as well as numerous PGA, LPGA and Seniors Golf Tour events, and co-hosted the Casino Connection television program with Publisher Roger Gros.

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