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Text Your Luck

Product: TYL, Manufacturer: Acres 4.0

Text Your Luck

Gambling is emotion, and the art of gambling management is allowing players to feel good, even when they aren’t winning. That’s why Acres 4.0 designed Text Your Luck (TYL) to replace traditional card-swipe drawings, and increase player gratification, all while lowering overall costs.

TYL begins with a virtual host, a cyber-personality that interacts with players via standard text messaging. Acres officials say they chose text because it is personal, always available and low in cost.

TYL reaches players of all ages, wherever they are and whenever they want. Over 2.2 trillion texts were exchanged last year in the United States, and the fastest growing segment is age 50 and over.

Players text with the casino’s “Virt” exactly like they text with friends. The casino’s Virt becomes their friend. The Virt can also host a Facebook page or run a Twitter feed to further strengthen emotional bonds.

The casino determines the prize structure: cash, free play, merchandise or other awards. “Just remember, a great promotion is not about making winners feel good, as that happens automatically,” says Will Adamson, Acres product manager. “A great promotion is about making losers feel important and engaged. With TYL, players feel respected and important, even when losing.”

TYL is fun for guests and great for the bottom line. When compared to traditional card-swipe drawings, TYL engages more players, more often and drives more play—while lowering reinvestment costs by 30 percent or more.

“Happier players, lower costs and increased play are exactly what your casino needs in these challenging times,” says Adamson, “and TYL delivers.”

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