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Teaching Card Counting

PRODUCT: BlackJack eXtremeMANUFACTURER: Swiss Gaming Corporation

Teaching Card Counting

Swiss Gaming Corporation will soon launch the European version of a player-vs.-player blackjack game that allows players to employ card-counting skills to estimate opponent hands, and bet and bluff as in poker. SGC also plans to introduce the game online and on TV.

Some see SGC’s BlackJack eXtreme, or BJX, as having a huge potential online, in land-based casinos and on TV.

SGC maintains that the skills associated with card counting-mathematical proficiency, the ability to concentrate and multi-task-are valuable in any event, and that “reinvented blackjack” should be offered by casinos in a way players can utilize the skill without hurting the house. Players and player/dealers may interpret the wagering moves of their opponents to deduce the most likely value of the hole cards.

BlackJack eXtreme adds social interaction, card-counting skills and excitement to the most popular casino game. Like poker, it’s a rake game. It plays on any standard poker table with no felt change. BJX is designed to generate more hands per hour than most poker games.

Swiss Gaming Corporation is the first European company to represent the game in all forms. BlackJack eXtreme was first conceived as a TV game, but the online, electronic casino and table game may possibly entice players back to online and real-world casinos. SGC’s testing shows that women love playing BlackJack eXtreme, making it appealing for couples or singles.

For more information, contact Mark Koetting at +1 866 752 9259 or visit In Europe, contact René Lindsen at +41 91 792 3619 or visit

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