TCSJohnHuxley Delivers 'Ocean Blackjack' Table

Table-game supplier TCSJohnHuxley has delivered the world’s first seawater swim-up blackjack table to the Jewel Casino, in the refurbished Iririki Island Resort & Spa on the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu.

TCSJohnHuxley custom-designed the table, dubbed “Ocean Blackjack,” for the venue, which is adjacent to the island’s beautiful Port Vila Bay. The Jewel Casino features an expansive view overlooking the bay, and the swim-up table was designed to allow players to take in the view while playing.

Featuring high-grade steel metallic fixings to resist corrosion, as well as a traditional-style wooden frame made from marine-grade material, TCSJohnHuxley was able to ensure no swelling or distortion of the table from the surrounding dampness. Once all of the parts were assembled, the entire leg arrangement was fully sealed to further prevent moisture ingress.