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TCS John Huxley Launches NX2

Table game supplier TCS John Huxley has introduced a new roulette table game. Called NX2, the product offers a new approach to roulette “neighbor betting.”

NX2 uses a specially designed layout allowing one chip to cover three numbers that are next to each other on the wheel, with odds of 11-1. The new approach does not affect the probability of winning or losing, or house edge percentages. It also speeds up the game, according to the company, because players are able to place lower-stake neighbor bets without the dealer’s assistance.

NX2’s first installation was completed at London’s Paddington Casino, on two of the casino’s busiest roulette tables. According to Casino Director Gary Andrews, the faster play and increased neighbor bets increased the hold of the tables.

“In their first two months these tables had an above-average hold with dramatically increased spin rates-something, I believe, will continue,” Andrews said. “Players are attracted to NX2 as a faster game. They are able to place their own neighbor bets for lower stakes and can easily bet on sections of the wheel. I believe that NX2 Roulette will replace the old racetrack-based layouts and become the first choice on roulette tables across the world.”