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TCS John Huxley Scores with World Cup

TCS John Huxley Scores with World Cup

The African subsidiary of U.K.-based TCS John Huxley has scored big with its promotion around the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa event. The quadrennial soccer championship, featuring 32 teams from around the world, is being hosted by South Africa this year.

The marketing campaign kicked off in January, with TCS John Huxley offering casino operators in South Africa and around the continent customized table layouts and chips with a World Cup theme. A dramatic increase in layout orders resulted, with at least a dozen casinos in South Africa and elsewhere in Africa responding.

“This time of year usually sees our layout department manufacturing around 250 layouts a month,” said John Whiskin, managing director of TCS John Huxley Africa. “The overwhelming response to our marketing drive has seen our production increase to well over 700 pieces per month.”

The promotion is a good fit with the South African government’s own initiatives to encourage a carnival-like atmosphere around the tournament. Football Friday, for example, is a national effort to get citizens to don the national team’s jersey every Friday in the run-up to the start of the month-long tournament on June 11.

Lesley Thoumi, table games manager at Gold Reef City Casino, said, “The World Cup layouts are spectacular. The players have commented on how good the layouts look and that they are happy that we are getting into the swing of things early for 2010.”

Selepo Kute, table games manager at Silverstar Casino, said, “The layouts are of the usual high standard and quality, and are very noticeable on our floor due to the fresh colors representing the World Cup. Most

In addition to layouts, TCS John Huxley has produced commemorative souvenir chips for Emperors Palace Casino in Johannesburg. The collectible chips feature images of the new, world-class stadiums, built especially for World Cup matches.

“With so many overseas visitors expected, it is fantastic to see that the entire continent is gearing up for the big event, in particular the casino and hotel complexes,” Whiskin said.

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