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Tapping the Cloud

Product: myCloudSolutionsManufacturer: NEWave

Tapping the Cloud

Leading gaming software supplier NEWave has just released  “myCloudSolutions,” a new software suite that enables casinos to store their information in the internet Cloud, thereby streamlining operations and increasing efficiencies.

NEWave’s myCloudSolutions combines the power of NEWave’s solutions with benefits that come from Cloud-based storage and retrieval—namely, the ability to safely store key data offsite, and anywhere/anytime access to that information via a secure log-in.

NEWave selected some of its most popular software for its myCloudSolutions suite, including:

• Check Prove, a check-cashing database that enables the cage to pull essential data from the Cloud and data from a pool of other subscribers;

• eDeposit, which enables electronic depositing of check images directly into bank accounts for increased efficiency and security;

• Document Manager, for safe, encrypted storage of documents and e-deposits, if required;

• Tax Forms, which streamlines completion by aggregating disbursements and automatically populating forms;

• eFile Gaming Tax Form, which empowers casinos to electronically file IRS tax forms;

• TINCheck, for verification of a wide range of patron information;

• Gaming Watch List with OFAC, which delivers real-time information and notifications, checking against known terrorists and other information indicating that patrons could be on watch lists;

• ID Manager, for quick verification of age, expiration, and banned/state-issued data (the Cloud assures data is up-to-the-minute accurate); and

• Easy Marketing, which stores analyzed and encrypted data for generation of tailored marketing campaigns. NEWave devises the messaging, develops the creative, and launches the communications, and all results are trackable from the Cloud.

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