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Tailor-Made Sportsbooks


GAN Sports features an award-winning, tailor-made user experience to maximize player engagement and conversion. The supplier’s modern sportsbook platform is built for speed and flexibility with dynamic event creation, including odds boosts, hot events, and exclusive wagers.

GAN Sports offers a fully customized user interface with regional/local content management and seamless loyalty integration between retail and mobile platforms. Finally, it offers efficient and advanced operational real-time reporting tools.

Risk Management and Trading

GAN Sports offers a fully or partially managed trading solution: GAN’s team of 70-plus traders takes care of executing sportsbook strategy end to end. The GAN platform allows for localized pricing, enabling either trading team (in-house or GAN) to manage risk at the property level. In addition, GAN can provide the customer’s team with the full suite of trading and risk management tools.

Modern-Day Retail Sportsbook Solution

GAN’s fully scalable retail offering meets any property’s strategic needs. Its kiosk-first approach and on-premise mobile wagering platform allows operators to launch and operate a sportsbook on property without the need for additional staff or overhead.

Real-Time Flexibility and Results

GAN Sports offers the ability to configure a sportsbook to best suit the operator’s in-market demographics and player base, including:

  • Integrated free-to-play
  • Localized odds compiling for each market
  • Dynamic marketing promotions for any cohort of player
  • On-demand event creation and trading
Unique Features and Continuous Innovation
  • Responsive marketing features leveraging CRM promotions and player journeys
  • Transparency features driving product trust
  • A variety of engagement and user acquisition features

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