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TableTrac Inc.

The Total Solution System

TableTrac Inc.

TableTrac’s mission is to design, build, sell and maintain the most innovative total-solution casino management system.

TableTrac Inc. was founded in 1995 in Nevada, and today is based in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Its total casino management system, CasinoTrac, automates operations, guest rewards and loyalty club, marketing analysis, guest service, promotions administration/management, vault/cage management and audit/accounting.

Today’s gaming markets are highly competitive, so having the edge is critical to success. CasinoTrac streamlines casino gaming operations with the most affordable, secure and scalable casino management system on the market today. Future system upgrades are included at no additional cost.

The CasinoTrac management system currently is in use by 82 operators in more than 120 casinos across 11 countries worldwide.

Customers who have switched to the CasinoTrac system agree it’s easy to use. They appreciate the simplicity of training personnel in marketing, auditing, slots and other departments. This in turn leads to a key benefit—time savings.

In addition, CasinoTrac customers note its reliability is second to none. CasinoTrac operates in a highly stable Linux server platform. Users interact using web service interface standards, ensuring a familiar user interface and experience that also shortens training time.

When it comes to casino marketing, CasinoTrac Reflexive Rewards offers flexibility with a high degree of automation. Reflexive Rewards takes it further by automatically selecting appropriate offers for each guest based on ADT, segmented total theoretical wins, total visits, visit frequency and geographical distances traveled. Reinvestment rules are enforced while the system internally performs all the calculations making cycle times for offer re-evaluation every hour, 24/7.

For more information about CasinoTrac, stop by Booth 1336 at G2E or visit

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