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Tablet Taxforms

CasinoSoft • Booth 3833

Tablet Taxforms

Over two years have passed since the beginning of the pandemic, and despite many casinos packed with customers on a busy floor, they are still short-staffed across the board, and all over the country.

Slow jackpot payouts, time-sucking inefficient trips back and forth to print tax documents, obtain signatures, pay out customers and file paperwork is no longer a process that casinos can afford to have.

CasinoSoft’s Tablet Taxforms have drastically cut down that time, while eliminating some of the manual process.

The slot department employee picks up a jackpot on their handheld mobile device, on an iOS or Android-driven application, right at the slot machine, and processes the jackpot, confirms or updates patron’s ID using the tablet’s camera and ability to read the barcode on the back of IDs, and even do TINChecks and update any other patron info.

The employee can quickly determine and auto-calculate any taxes to take out, know if a patron is on a banned list, check for any required intercept payments, obtain digital signatures, and email a copy of the patron’s W-2G or send tax documents to any printer on the casino floor if a hard copy is needed—all within the Tablet Taxforms application.

Since the patron has already signed for their applicable tax documents, the documents are automatically saved in the patron’s profile and CasinoSoft’s Title 31 system. This includes IDs that are updated with the tablet. The last step is to pay the customer and get the machine quickly back into play. The entire process is complete in under five minutes with pouch pays, and under 10 minutes if picking up the jackpot win from a kiosk or cash dispenser.

Some other key features of Tablet Taxforms include shortcuts to do quick TINChecks and process promotional wins. This has been a time-saver for multiple departments to quickly process a promo win for slots, bingo, drawings, etc., right on the tablet.

Tablet Taxforms syncs and works seamlessly with CasinoSoft’s Taxforms for Desktop, Title 31 and ADM software modules. and has been quite the hit with customers.

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