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Table Tech

PRODUCT: i-Table, MANUFACTURER: Shuffle Master, Inc.

Table Tech

Shuffle Master’s newest electronic table system, the i-Table, combines a variety of the company’s patented products to create a new table game experience for players and casinos.

Utilizing six touch-screen player stations embedded in a standard-size blackjack table, the i-Table combines an intuitive electronic betting interface with a live dealer who deals the selected game from the appropriate Shuffle Master utility product (e.g., i-Shoe intelligent card-reading shoe for games like blackjack and baccarat, or the i-Deal specialty shuffler that includes card recognition).

By automating the betting process, the i-Table increases live table game security, accuracy and speed, resulting in an estimated 30 percent increase in hands per hour while eliminating errors, according to a company spokeswoman. There also are multiple side bets available, as well as real-time prop bets. No check changing is required.

Shuffle Master says the i-Table’s security is unmatched, providing reduced chip theft, eliminating rail theft, reducing card manipulation and preventing dealers and players from colluding to cheat the system. The i-Table also strives to cut operating costs. The company said use of its product requires less pit supervision, dealer training and chip handling, and also necessitates less use of pit clerks and fewer fills and automatic refill notifications.

Further, its integrated card and bet recognition functionality instantaneously records a variety of crucial table game data points, including actual win/loss and handle per player, while providing accurate player ratings and skill analysis.

Finally, the i-Table platform provides casinos with game versatility: its integrated software and hardware configuration makes it easy to switch between popular shoe-dealt games like blackjack and baccarat and specialty games like Three Card Poker and Ultimate Texas Hold’em as player demand dictates.

For more information about the i-Table, contact Shuffle Master at 1-702-897-7150 or

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