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Table Trac

Your Competitive Edge

Table  Trac

With 26 years in the gaming industry, Table Trac Inc. continues to lead the way in developing and maintaining a competitive edge with innovative solutions in casinos worldwide.

Table Trac customers range from small slot parlors to large multi-property resorts. They include more than 250 tribal and commercial casinos connected to 30,000-plus games operating across 13 U.S. states, the Caribbean, South America and Australia. Table Trac’s expanded product offerings cover all areas of casino operations.

The feature-rich CasinoTrac Casino Management System (CMS) automates key operations from guest rewards to promotions to cage management, as well as streamlining audit/accounting processes. CasinoTrac continues to be the most secure, scalable and complete casino management system on the market today. Operating on an encrypted Linux-based server platform, it provides reliability and security second to none. CasinoTrac also provides all future system upgrades at no additional cost to customers, making this CMS the most affordable choice on the market.

DataTrac is CasinoTrac’s “ViZual Analysis” tool. It uses complex casino data to assess and address casino performance metrics. The combination of CasinoTrac and DataTrac gives properties an affordable, secure option for managing, monitoring and analyzing their casino operations. DataTrac ensures your data never leaves the property, while providing the information necessary to make confident business decisions in real time.

KioskTrac Mobile is a one-of-a-kind, fully customizable mobile rewards application that leverages the convenience of the player rewards kiosk with the power of touchless transactions on player smartphones. Utilizing Table Trac’s patented digital currency transfer solution, the KioskTrac Mobile app brings full cashless functionality for promotional and cash credits at all touchpoints throughout the casino.

REPULS security solutions allow security and surveillance personnel to take a hands-off approach, minimizing risk without compromising the safety of the casino. With the combination of REPULS, SentriLaunch and SentriZone, those personnel can effortlessly fill the gap of time from the onset of an active threat until law enforcement arrives, while reducing the risk for the casino and staff.

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