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Tabcorp Looks at Online Gaming

Tabcorp CEO David Attenborough says the Australian company hopes to offer digital gaming in some 2,500 retail venues across New South Wales and Victoria.

The move is a response to falling retail betting figures for the company in both states. Betting is currently only allowed by phone and in person in Australia. According to a report, Tabcorp might be able to provide the service through a venue’s license.

“We would love to develop that further,” Attenborough said.  “It is certainly the kind of thing the venues would love to see in place, because it is logical that if someone is already in the venue, they are essentially betting under the venue’s license.”

Attenborough said the setup would allow Tabcorp to promote other products to retail customers. “The more value we add back to the venues, the more likely the venues are to be content with us as a partner,” he said.