Synergy Blue

Fun You Can Bet On

In today’s ever-shifting landscape, casino operators are searching for new ways to stay competitive, drive foot traffic and keep patrons engaged once they’re through the doors. As new generations of players emerge and preferences change, the opportunities for new entertainment experiences are bountiful.

Many have worried that the younger generations of patrons have limited interest in traditional, passive casino games, but instead are seeking out more actively engaging and entertaining gambling experiences. Transitional players (contemporary baby boomers), as well as younger generations, are inherently tech-savvy and grew up playing video and arcade-style games in which success depends on skill, not chance. In order for them to invest their time and money on a casino floor, the gaming and entertainment experiences have to be fun, unique and rewarding.

To address these opportunities and increase the diversity and progression in casino play, Synergy Blue is uniting arcade-style video game design with proven casino floor expertise. The company provides casino operators with a variety of arcade-style, skill-based games, certified and backed by industry-leading patents. The company’s Hybrid Arcade Wager-Based Gaming solution blends regulatory-compliant, skill-based, Class II and III gambling with the uninterrupted entertainment of arcade-style play.

These unique entertainment offerings are designed to offer a burgeoning demographic an appealing gambling alternative, and to bring them to the casino floor now and continually into the future.

Founded in 2013, Synergy Blue has a background in the gaming industry combined with years of experience on the casino floor. The company is based in Palm Desert, California, and has had games and software applications placed in six different countries (and counting).

Last year at G2E, Synergy Blue debuted its HAWG platform along with three skill-based games to accompany it. This year at G2E, attendees can expect to see a plethora of additional, exclusive titles from Synergy Blue, as well as announcements on expansion and placements.

For more information, stop by Booth 2811 at G2E 2018 or visit

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