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Synergy Blue Approved in Nevada

Synergy Blue Approved in Nevada

The Nevada Gaming Commission recently approved supplier

Synergy Blue to sell its arcade-style, “skill-influenced” gaming machines statewide. The supplier completed field trials of the games before the Covid-19 shutdown.

Georg Washington, CEO of Synergy Blue, said in an email to GGB that the company will not issue a press release on the commission’s decision. “While this is a huge milestone for Synergy Blue, (a press release) didn’t feel appropriate, with all that is going on in the industry due to Covid-19.

“We’re honored to gain approval in our home state of Nevada,” he wrote, “and we’re grateful that we can contribute to local and industry recovery once these uncertain times have passed.”

Speaking to CDC Gaming Reports, Washington said the trials showed strong appeal for the company’s skill-influenced games among Generation X customers, those aged 40 to 55.

“We got great feedback from players and incorporated a good majority into the games,” Washington said. “The Red Rock and Linq are very different, and we got good data from both. It was a great success and in some ways, it was better than expected.

“Our goal has always been Generation X, who are some of the first arcade-game players,” Washington said. “They also have more disposable income.

“It’s a different world than it was two months ago, but I still believe skill-influenced games will play a part in the new world,” Washington added. “I’m optimistic about that. Yes, there’s going to be some lag time, because we will have to ramp up all the industries, but at the end of the day humans are social beings. Once it’s safe and appropriate for people to be back in casinos, I think they will be back.

“They’re getting stir-crazy sitting at home, and they’ll be ready for some fun to bet on.”

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