Synergy Blue Announces Distribution for Cruise Ships

Skill-based gaming developer Synergy Blue announced a sales and distribution agreement with a Florida-based casino vendor that will land the company’s games on cruise ship casinos based of out of Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the Bahamas.

The deal between Southern California-based Synergy Blue and Reel Games—which was reached at the Global Gaming Expo 2018 in Las Vegas—opens the manufacturer to a new market for its games that are already in use in six countries.

Synergy Blue CEO Georg Washington said the opportunity to expand into Florida and the Caribbean was part of the company’s growth initiative.

“This announcement marks another step towards the adoption and proliferation of skill-based games in all casino markets,” Washington said. “Though our agreement with Reel Games, Synergy Blue will be able to tap into new markets, fulfilling the pent-up demand for skill-based games.”

At G2E, Synergy Blue unveiled 15 skill-based, arcade-style gambling titles, including driving games and skill-based versions of mahjong and poker. Synergy Blue’s games are available on multiple platforms, including multiplayer, touch screen, joystick, trackball, gun and driving-style. Several of the titles are on a bar top multi-game product.

Under the agreement, Reel Games will provide sales, distribution and support to place Synergy Blue’s games onto cruise ships.

“Synergy Blue’s robust game library provides every demographic with new skill- or chance-based fun,” said Sean Smith, CEO of Reel Games (abv.). “Reel Games strives to provide our customers with the broadest and most cutting-edge entertainment available, and Synergy Blue’s innovative games help us do just that.”

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