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Super-Sized Slots

Product: Alpha Elite Jumbo Cabinet, Manufacturer: Bally Technologies

Super-Sized Slots

Standing nearly eight feet tall and three feet wide, Bally Technologies’ gigantic Alpha Elite Jumbo cabinets are sure to make a bold statement on casino floors.

Available in video or stepper configurations, these massive games actually look and play exactly like their standard-sized Alpha Elite V20, V20/20 and S9E counterparts. This means they can take advantage of Bally’s complete library of video and stepper titles. The cabinets also share common components with Bally’s existing Alpha Elite product line, such as horizontally mounted 32-inch video monitors, standard iVIEW Smart Screens, button decks and universal reel glass.

In a stepper configuration, the Jumbo cabinets offer three, four or five oversized reels. A back-lit LED active-light bezel around the reels adds an extra dimension of visual impact to the gaming device.

Additionally, such common features as the slot-card reader, cashless ticket dispenser, bill acceptor and iVIEW display are all positioned just above the standard-sized button deck within easy reach. The ergonomically designed button deck is also tilted slightly forward for ease of use.

Adding an extra dimension of visual interest is the Alpha Jumbo stepper cabinet fitted with Bally’s trademark Instant Spin roulette-style circular top box.

A Bally representative said, “Jumbo action, thrills and fun are what separate the new Jumbo video and stepper cabinets from the competition.”

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