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Super Service

Product: Service Tracking Manager Manufacturer: Bally Technologies

Super Service

Bally Technologies’ Service Tracking Manager is a browser-based dispatch system that creates and assigns tasks “just in time” to eligible casino personnel by intercepting messages from Bally’s suite of systems products.

By ordering and delivering beverages, managing the slot floor, reviewing table-game alerts, and automatically enrolling patrons to offers, Service Tracking Manager dramatically increases the efficiency of casino operations and casino guest satisfaction through superior floor management, according to Bally officials.

Players place their order or request at the game, via the iVIEW or iVIEW Display Manager player-user interface, and view their estimated service time. The attendant closest to them receives an alert notification on a hand-held smart device.

Guests can cancel their requests at the game, or card-in at a different game, which causes the order to re-route to the guest’s new location so casino staff can always find them.

The system works with a variety of hand-held devices, including iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod, iPad and Blackberry. The system uses prioritized rule-based configuration to filter messages, so that casino operators can define actions based on player level and location. This targeted service uses streamlined, automated algorithms to quickly send the closest attendant to the requesting patron.

Service Tracking Manager improves customer service, and ultimately raises levels of customer satisfaction to notably higher levels. No manager is needed to allocate tasks to resources or to monitor which resource is on the floor, increasing operating efficiencies for the casino operator and improving service for casino patrons.

For more information, visit the Bally website at, on Facebook at!/BallyTechnologies, or on Twitter at!/Bally_Tech.


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