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Stick Shift or Automatic?

PRODUCT: Reflexive Rewards MANUFACTURER: Table Trac

Stick Shift or Automatic?

Reflexive Rewards, part of Table Trac’s CasinoTrac system, offers casino marketing flexibility with a high degree of automation and manual control. Deployed exclusively in CasinoTrac systems, recent approvals in the states of Maryland and Nevada have made this operations automation tool available to hundreds of new locations.

Based on casino-configurable parameters, player analysis and rating decisions are made hourly using weighted ADT and separate weighted total theoretical averages over multiple distinct measurement periods. These feed the Reflexive Rewards auto-tiering algorithm. The unique formula logic does not overlook the value of frequent, seemingly unremarkable players while almost instantly recognizing and rewarding the early visits of high-potential-value new arrivals.

In automatic, the combination called Reflexive Rewards takes it further by giving definition to enforcement of eligibility rules in cascading priority, automatically selecting appropriate offers for each guest based on ADT, segmented total theo wins, total visits, visit frequency and geo distances traveled. Reinvestment rules are enforced while the system internally performs all the calculations making cycle times for offer re-evaluation hourly, 24/7.

In manual, the casino can export player rating data in familiar formats to apply their externally based analysis and produce offer lists in the traditional manner. List imports load the offers to player accounts and promote the offers through email, text, on kiosks and at player screens on machines. Offers are still protected with the system’s internal verification of offer eligibility before ultimately deposited into guest accounts for redemption.

Using a combination of the Reflexive Rewards modes is highly effective and totally supported by the system.

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