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GLOBAL GAMES 2010 Part 9: Casino Technology

Targeted Approach-Casino Technology applies a wealth of knowledge to product design

GLOBAL GAMES 2010 Part 9: Casino Technology

Beginning its 12th year, Casino Technology continues to focus efforts on tailoring product to fit the varied and very specific markets in which it operates.

The Bulgaria-based slot machine and specialty electronic table games producer has given extra emphasis to this strategy since 2009, developing characteristic game titles and video slot software to meet individual market preferences and satisfy a variety of player profiles.

Finding gaming jurisdictions where business is still expanding has been the big challenge for every manufacturer during the past two years. One area that appears to be on everyone’s list is Latin America, and Casino Technology has joined the hunt there as well. Local partners in the region have been keeping Casino Technology up to date on client needs as operators seek to extend and renovate their gaming floors.

Following the London trade show last January, Casino Technology signed an installation agreement with two prestigious properties in Mexico. The company’s single-player machines have been doing well, and soon the newest multi-game series, “Gamopolis,” will be introduced at these locations as well.

In the first half of 2010, the company’s distribution partner in Argentina succeeded in getting Casino Technology products approved for placement in that jurisdiction. Approval has led to a couple of installations being performed by some of the leading casino brands in the region.

In Panama and Peru, the continued, steady performance of CT’s most popular certified machines has strengthened the trust of operators. The result has been increased demand for CT products and many new contracts, plus the potential for even more business.

“The constantly growing brand recognition of Casino Technology in the Latin America region has opened the doors to new markets for the company—for example, in Guatemala and Uruguay,” says Nevena Aleksieva, CT sales supervisor for Latin America.

Closer to home, CT has been working up a range of product designed for the Greek market and has been dealing methodically with compliance for entry to other casino markets in Western Europe. In Italy, through appointed distributors, CT already has AWP machines available for the Comma 6a market.

CT reports making progress in its plans to enter the U.S. market. The company has its eye on a number of states, including California, Oklahoma, Illinois and Ohio, as soon as the latter has its regulations in place. In California, player interest in some initial test locations has been described by CT Sales Director Sonya Nikolova as “showing good potential.” The company’s California distributor has scheduled a number of installations over the next six months to a year.  

Now Showing
At G2E, Casino Technology will be showcasing the latest innovations in design of their two top-of-the-line cabinet models, Gemini Sensa Plus and Tangra Touch. Both models integrate a player tracking panel and a separate LCD screen that allows the player to access music and movie libraries, multimedia applications for casino rewards and loyalty programs, and the internet, all while playing the machine.

This powerful marketing tool has been valued highly by a number of casino operators. The first installations have already been performed at a newly opened casino resort situated in Macedonia, near the border with Greece. The multi-functionality made possible by the new technology caught the attention of operators at recent exhibitions in Hungary and Bulgaria. CT hopes to see the same interest from industry visitors to their booth at G2E.

Also on display at G2E will be the latest development of the popular multi-game series Gamopolis, which has met with great success all around the world. Each of the latest versions—Gamopolis 3, 4, 5 and 6—will consist of 10 different games unique unto themselvess, for a total of 40 different video slot titles. The large number of games enables casino and slot hall operators to offer substantial choice to their visitors, within merely a few square meters of gaming area.

The games feature top-quality visuals, which add excitement and a life-like experience during play. Gamopolis versions 7, 8, 9 and 10 are planned to follow shortly.

Also on display will be a selection of themed video slot games, complemented by various jackpot systems. The games are on the Gemini Sensa Plus and Tangra Touch cabinets. The “Motormania” game suite features a motorcycle racing theme with impressive 3D graphics and “shattering” sounds. The game incorporates a multi-level jackpot system in the same theme. The “Falcon Heroes” game suite is themed on the adventure and spirit of, and fascination with, wartime heroes, with an added hint of romance.

In the coming year, CT expects to reveal machines and games designed for the various U.S. markets.

“In 2011, Casino Technology will introduce and have certified a number of innovative products featuring outstanding graphic appearance and intriguing mathematical concepts,” says Nikolova. “The products are the result of profound market analyses, studies and advice given by leading slot experts.”

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