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Station Adds Galaxy Jackpot System

Galaxy Gaming announced that nine casino properties operated by Station Casinos have linked their table-game jackpots using Galaxy Gaming’s proprietary Inter-Casino Jackpot System.

Each of the nine properties offers Galaxy Gaming’s “Deuces Wild” stud poker game. The tables are linked together to form a common jackpot which accrues at a much faster rate than if the jackpots were operated separately.

The Inter-Casino Jackpot System collects player wagering data from the tables in each property and communicates the information through a private network to a private data center owned and operated by Station Casinos.

The Station Casinos installation by Galaxy Gaming represents the first time a linked common jackpot has been done successfully for table games in this fashion in the world, according to the company.

“Galaxy Gaming’s Inter-Casino Jackpot System has added a new dimension to our Deuces Wild table games, which we have now installed at most of our casinos,” said Bart Pestrichello, vice president of casino operations at Station Casinos. “Everyone loves Deuces Wild, and now it is available with an exciting life-altering jackpot. Galaxy Gaming’s system is a quick and easy way for us to add a growing jackpot to all of our table games. The early results have been encouraging.”

“For over two decades, people and companies in the gaming industry have discussed the benefits of linking table games from multiple casinos, but until now no one has actually accomplished what we have accomplished,” said Robert Saucier, Galaxy Gaming’s CEO. “The success of this historic event is the result of the hard work, dedication and collective cooperation of the employees at the Nevada Gaming Control Board, Station Casinos and our team at Galaxy Gaming. Our first venture was to link our Deuces Wild games. Now, we are hopeful that the success of this project will lead to more similar installations, not only for the balance of Station’s table games, but also for other major casino chains that recognize the tremendous benefits of our Inter-Casino Jackpot System.”