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Starting Up

Danielle Parsons, Director of Field Operations, Joingo

Starting Up

Danielle Parsons, director of field operations at mobile marketing and technology company Joingo, never imagined she would find herself here. 

“Early on, I knew I wanted to work in the technology, online and/or digital space, but had a difficult time settling within an industry and finding a niche,” says Parsons. As a graduate of Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, Illinois, Parson earned her B.A. in commu- nications and held positions with an affiliate network, a direct marketing firm, a publisher and an insurance company before finding her niche and landing at Joingo.

“I had no idea that I’d eventually find myself in the casino gaming industry, but I’m very pleased I did,” she says. “It’s an industry that is quickly increasing its adoption of cutting-edge technology, and I’m excited to be part of that.”

Parsons also credits her mentors as making a significant contribution to her early career success. She mentions former Joingo VP Brenda Boudreaux as one of the “remarkable people” who’ve helped her along the way. “I had the pleasure of working with her at Joingo from 2012 to 2014,” Parsons says. “I very much look up to her as a mentor and example of the kind of success I’d like to achieve in my career.”

Parsons acknowledges that she’s been able to learn and penetrate this close-knit industry within a short period of time. She’s made quite a few connections and has learned the ins and outs since entering gaming almost five years ago.

Although Parsons acknowledges a bit of culture shock when she first transitioned from a Fortune 500 company to a small technology startup, in retrospect she feels this was the perfect career move. She thrives in a small environment, and enjoys making a real positive change within the organization.

Parsons also is very excited about the future of the industry. When asked about trends and new opportunities for emerging leaders, Parsons says, “The industry is buzzing with talk of how to capture millennials as current casino customers inevitably age and exit the market,” she says. “I think this is a great opportunity for emerging Gen-X and millennial leaders to revolutionize the industry and really help shape the future of gaming with ideas directly from the source.”

Parsons has great advice to offer other young professionals to move up the corporate ladder: “Recognize your own value. Don’t be afraid to speak highly of your education, experience and achievements and market yourself accordingly. Also, don’t remain in a position you don’t enjoy, that you aren’t challenged by, or in an organization that doesn’t recognize your contributions. Confidence is key!”

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