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Starling Customer Data Platform


Starling Customer Data Platform

Each hotel has its own unique needs around customer data. A hotel uses various technologies for marketing, operations, revenue, sales and guest experience depending on its location, market segment, brand affiliation and target guest. These tools tend to create silos, restricting data flow, and making it difficult to build the modern experiences that today’s guests expect.

As privacy and control over data become the norm, hotels that use the right tools to gather, manage and maximize their data will have a massive advantage, providing a better experience and building trust for every guest. That’s where a customer data platform (CDP) comes in: it wrangles complexity and unlocks value in data across an entire enterprise.

But what exactly is a customer data platform? The best answer is in Starling, Cendyn’s next-generation customer data platform for hospitality. Starling unites, transforms, cleanses and enriches millions of data points from all a customer’s technology solutions, creating the ability to take control of your data and keep guests at the heart of what you do.

With third-party cookies going away, Starling CDP gives users the ability to take control of their first-party data, stay front of mind with guests and foster meaningful relationships with new guests.

For the first time, a customer’s technology stack will align teams across sales, marketing and revenue so the operator can drive the metrics that matter. Starling eliminates the need for customized data solutions or APIs that require specialization, capital and time. You’ll be able to move faster, adapting to changing customer behavior and emerging technologies quickly without massive capital outlays.

Users can gain a deep understanding of who their customers are and their interests with comprehensive, actionable profiles that update in real time with data from all customer touchpoints and tech systems that can instantly be activated across channels.

This single-view profile can be used to deliver timely, personalized experiences throughout the guest journey, drive revenue and give a complete view of each guest. By bringing this data together from various sources, Starling offers a single database that allows for easy access no matter the technology solutions you’re working with.

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