Star Trek Battlestations

WMS Gaming

This is the latest entry in the WMS Star Trek community-gaming franchise. It is a “Big Event” game, which means all players in the bank participate in a community bonus event they enter at the same time.

Former Big Event games awarded multiplier levels for coin-in on each machine, and players entered the bonus round with the multiplier they had earned. On Star Trek Battlestations, players earn space ships to build a “fleet.” The number of earned ships translates into the “fleet multiplier,” which they take into one of two community bonuses—the “Battle Bonus,” an interactive picking bonus in which players battle Klingon forces; or the “Rogue Bonus,” in which players vie for the chance to capture a “Rogue Ship” for credit awards multiplied by their fleet multiplier.

Every time an “Enterprise” symbol lands in the primary game, the power of the fleet is improved and more bonus credits are earned in the community bonuses. Players must have at least one ship in the fleet to qualify for the bonus events, and can build their fleets up to five ships. Any ships surviving one community bonus apply to the subsequent bonus round.

According to the manufacturer, a communal Battle bonus is guaranteed every eight minutes. The bonus is played out on giant dual LCD screens over the bank.

The primary game also has a unique configuration. It is an 80-line video slot, played out on dual five-reel, 40-line screens. The game is available in wide-area progressive and stand-alone versions. In addition to line combinations, there are several in-game bonus events. In the “Transporting Wild” feature, any wild symbol on the left reel set in the dual screen “transports” to the other five-reel set as an entire wild reel.

There also is a free-spin bonus in which three to four wild symbols appear across both reel sets.

Manufacturer: WMS Gaming
Platform: CPU-NXT2
Format: 80-line video slot in dual five-reel, 40-line sets
Denomination: .01
Max Bet: 320, 400
Top Award: Progressive: $200,000 reset
                   Stand-alone: 80,000, 50,000
Hit Frequency: 47%
Theoretical Hold: Progressive: 10%—14%
                           Stand-alone: 4%—14%

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