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Sports Sense

Sports Sense

The American Gaming Association released a survey right before last month’s NFL Super Bowl. As part of its initiative to influence changes in U.S. sports betting laws, the AGA commissioned the study, which produced some interesting findings, including the fact that 65 percent of the people who said the were going to watch the Super Bowl agreed that the integrity of the games would be improved with legal sports betting. Other findings:

Currently, federal law makes sports betting illegal almost everywhere in the country, except in Nevada. Do you favor or oppose changing federal law so that each individual state can decide whether or not to allow sports betting in their own state? 

Favor: 66%
Oppose: 25%

How does betting influence your enjoyment of the game?

When I bet on a game, I follow the teams and players more closely

Agree: 55%
Disagree: 32%

When I bet on a game, I am more likely to watch that game

Agree: 67%
Disagree: 21%

When I bet on a game, watching that game is more fun and enjoyable

Agree: 53%
Disagree: 32%