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Sporting Chance

Griffin Finan, General Counsel, DraftKings, Inc.

Sporting Chance

When Griffin Finan graduated with a juris doctor degree from the Georgetown University Law Center, he did not want to embark on a career as a “typical” lawyer. Finan, who currently severs as general

counsel, legislative and regulatory affairs for DraftKings, Inc., wanted to practice law in a more exciting environment than traditional law firms provide.

“I did not want a boring law job when I graduated law school,” Finan explains. “I have always been a gamer myself, and working in the gaming industry as a lawyer requires you to tackle new issues all the time. That variety of issues has always interested me.”

Finan attended Bates College for his undergraduate degree, studying political science to prepare for his eventual law degree. After graduating from law school in 2012, Finan began his legal career at Ifrah Law, where he advised numerous gaming companies on a variety of legal issues. Additionally and perhaps more importantly, Finan cultivated his exper-tise on law and regulations governing online gaming, sports betting and fantasy sports during his tenure at Ifrah. These efforts prepared him for his current position at DraftKings.

Looking back on how his professional life has progressed thus far, Finan is happy with the career choices he has made.

“I truly enjoy how the online gaming industry and the daily fantasy sports industry continue to grow so rapidly,” says Finan. “The growth in the industry is exciting to be a part of and means there is never a boring day at work.”

Additionally, Finan enjoys being a part of an industry that is revolutionizing sports from the fans’ point of view. “I truly believe that the daily fantasy sports industry is transforming how fans experience sports,” he explains. “Being a part of that on a daily basis is extremely exciting for me.”

Throughout his career, Finan has used an innovative approach when seeking guidance and advice from industry veterans.

“Twitter has been a great tool for me to connect with more experienced professionals in the gaming world,” states Finan. Twitter has provided a platform for him to effectively and efficiently “learn from their knowledge and experiences.”

Finan’s advice to young leaders in the industry is to seek as much exposure as possible.

“The best advice I can offer is to read and write as much as you can and talk to as many people as you can that work in the industry,” says Finan.

Finan, whose commentary has been featured in both sports and gaming industry publications, has experienced firsthand that this can lead to great opportunities. “Reading and writing about the industry helps you learn the issues that the industry faces and establishes credibility when you are meeting with people in the industry,” he explains.

Finan also points to a tactic that has worked well for him as he has progressed in the industry. “I encourage everyone that wants to get in the industry to not be shy, to get on Twitter, and interact with industry leaders and reach out to people to see if they can offer you insight on your career.”

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