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Sporting Chance: Joshua Greenberg

Content Lead, Incrediplay Ltd.

Sporting Chance: Joshua Greenberg

Joshua Greenberg has had an interesting and unique life, to say the least. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, he moved to Israel with his family after graduating high school in 2006. He later graduated from Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya with a bachelor of arts in communications, where he helped found the first-ever fraternity in Israel, and later went on to become a member of the Israeli national ice hockey team.

This was just the beginning of the unique path that led him to the gaming industry.

Prior to joining his current employer, Greenberg worked with his family business selling hockey equipment and Gatorade to teams in Israel. The jump from running a hockey shop to entering the gaming industry may have seemed like a real leap to others, but it made perfect sense to him. Sports are his passion, plain and simple.

 InPlay King is a free-to-play predicting application designed for Americans, to allow friends to compete against each other by predicting the outcomes of professional and college sports.

 This was the initial draw for Greenberg, his passion for sports. As the first employee of the company, he could bring his love of sports to the forefront as well as work with a new and innovative product. Since 2014, Greenberg has worked his way up to his current position of vice president of sports content for Incrediplay.  He credits his “dedication to his work and the project” for his success. He now leads the team in all sports content for the app and is responsible for its accuracy.

Greenberg heeded his own advice: “Hard work pays off—treat everything with importance and don’t go through life sluggishly.”

Being an American in Israel was difficult, and he had to work twice as hard to be accepted; however, now that he has made a career path for himself he views living in Israel as a positive and unique position to be in. “Being in Israel, a real startup nation, is where creativity and ambition thrive,” he says.

Greenberg has put his passion, creativity and ambition to use by building a young and successful career in the gaming industry. To date, he says being recognized as a member of GGB 40 Under 40 is his proudest career achievement.

“It is a tremendous honor, something that I can be really proud of,” he says, “but I share this accolade with my family and fellow employees.” He goes on to say that though he is honored with this recognition, he feels that his proudest moment is still yet to come.

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