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Spielo Partners With Olympic

Slot manufacturer Spielo International has partnered with Olympic Entertainment Group, the leading casino operator in Eastern Europe, to install more than 100 gaming machines in Olympic Casino properties in five countries. Trials began in late 2012, and they have been so successful that the casinos have ordered more machines for 2013 installation.

The installations were supported by Spielo International’s marketing team, which provided brochures and giveaways to the casinos in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia to encourage players to try the new games, as well as technical training for casino staff. Olympic Casino Poland launched the “Hot & Wild” slot machines with hostesses dressed as the popular nurse character from the game.

The casinos also are installing Spielo’s 10-game multi-game unit. The Olympic Casino in Estonia has installed Egyptian Gold, Spielo International’s first progressive link using “Episodic Gaming.” Players unlock more features and additional bet options as they progress through the game during one session, and they can save and reactivate their achieved status during the next play session.



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