Smash Hit

Progressive, Everi Holdings

This is one of the latest titles on Everi’s “The Texan HDX” cabinet, an 8-foot-tall dual-screen, large-format cabinet. The Texan HDX cabinet features dual 42-inch HD integrated displays, a comfortable two-person bench, ergonomic player controls, integrated touch screens, and a premium three-way sound system.

(The game also is available on the Core HDX cabinet.)

The base game uses proven math from Everi’s popular Super Jackpot Series. The game is a traditional three-reel, nine-line video slot designed for high denominations—quarter through $10, with a nine-credit cost to cover. The top LCD monitor displays the complete pay table, in the style of old reel-spinners. There are three bar combinations and four “7” combinations.

There are four top jackpots displayed for lining up different-colored “Smash Hit” symbols. Mixed symbols return a prize resetting at $37.50; three green Smash Hit symbols, $70. Three orange Smash Hit symbols on paylines 1 through 8 return the secondary progressive, resetting at $250. The top progressive, for three orange symbols on payline 9, resets at $5,000.

The Respin Bonus is triggered randomly by certain winning spins that do not trigger a progressive jackpot. Reels may re-spin up to six times, paying different winning combinations.

Manufacturer: Everi Holdings
Platform: The Texan HDX
Format: Three-reel, nine-line video slot
Denomination: .25, .50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, 10.00
Max Bet: 9
Top Award: Progressive; $5,000 reset
Hit Frequency: 23.31%-28.26%
Theoretical Hold: 3%-15%

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