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Smart Rewards

Product: nRich BonusingManufacturer: Aristocrat Technologies

Smart Rewards

Aristocrat has added a new bonusing module to its popular Oasis 360 casino management system that the company says is unlike anything the gaming industry has seen before.

Called “nRich,” the module is a totally new form of bonusing engine that focuses on dynamically rewarding individual players.

Unlike other bonusing engines that use generic/non-specific thresholds to initiate a bonus event, nRich is dynamic because it uses the average daily theoretical win specific to a patron or to a group of patrons as the basis for the bonus. nRich visually displays a meter on screen, in front of the player, to give players a sense of how close they are to achieving an added bonus. The visual indicator raises players’ level of anticipation and therefore increases time on device.

Traditional bonusing products are geared more towards groups than individuals, and they use traditional triggers such as coin-in, coin-out, coin loss and time played. nRich turns the bonusing process around by looking at the individual’s play habits, calculating an individual’s daily play amounts and trips and applying rewards based on that, automatically.

The nRich module increases time on device, player card sign-ups, coin-in of an individual patron or group and theoretical win of an individual patron or group.

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