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Smart Pit

Interblock • Booth 1239

Smart Pit

Interblock’s dedication to forward-thinking solutions has consistently set the benchmark in the gaming industry. At this year’s G2E, the company will launch a product category designed to revolutionize the live table game segment of the industry: the “Smart Pit.”

Awarded “Table Game of the Year” by industry professionals, the Smart Pit provides dealers the ability to drive more decisions per hour, implements live dice recognition, increases the number of side bets, accurately ranks table game players, and raises the level of customer service.

The Smart Pit seamlessly integrates a “technology umbrella” into existing pits, redefining the gaming experience. It not only increases decisions per hour and boosts the house advantage across all offerings but also sets a new standard for customer service previously unattained. Real-time session evaluations render manual data entry obsolete.

The Smart Pit proactively confronts the industry’s yearly multimillion-dollar losses from dealer mistakes by integrating enhanced game protection. Automation in card, wheel, and chip reconciliation through Interblock’s technology ensures security and error-free game play.

Celebrated for its intuitive design, Interblock’s live Smart Pit games can be operated with minimal to no dealer experience, widening the hiring prospects for casinos. The Smart Pit’s dealer terminal provides clear and concise instructions, enabling dealers to focus more on the player’s experience. Preserving the essence of classic table games, the Smart Pit offers various tipping options, promoting superior service and heightened player satisfaction.

Those accustomed to new-age technology can seamlessly understand the features of the Smart Pit, without the usual learning curve associated with traditional tables. This is evident by recent high carded play and occupancy ratios, further enhancing the casino’s bottom line.

Furthermore, the Smart Pit’s interconnected live games allow players to participate in multiple games concurrently, amplifying player involvement and the casino’s overall handle. To paint a clearer picture, a player at the Smart Pit’s Blackjack Xtreme can simultaneously play the roulette game offered at the other end of the Smart Pit via their play station. For operators, the advantages are manifold: efficient staffing, amplified profits, and enhanced gaming environment.

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