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Slot Excitement


Slot Excitement

U.K.-based Heber, a leading manufacturer of embedded and PC-based reel and video gaming control systems, has launched two new peripheral gaming controllers, XLuminate and Xspin.            Stunning lighting effects can be created when using XLuminate that include fading, quick switching and tri-color LED control. XSpin is capable of driving up to eight mechanical reels, and  is ideal for controlling mechanical,  multi-bank spinning-reel gaming machines, top boxes and multi-client applications.

XLuminate has been designed to be added to Axis 945 or any Windows or Linux gaming system equipped with a USB port. It is designed to control up to 256 multiplexed lamps or 256 LEDs, and adds total lighting control to a gaming machine application.

XLuminate allows the operator to control individual lamps or LEDs with 16 individual dimming levels. It also includes onboard memory storage, which enables multiple LED data patterns to be used for the quick switching of LED effects, such as text displays and other lighting patterns.

The Xspin USB gaming controller module drives up to eight mechanical spin reels. It has been designed to be added to Axis 945, or any Windows or Linux gaming system equipped with a USB port.

Heber products can be ordered from its Chalford, Stroud office in the U.K. or from its distributors in Buenos Aires, São Paulo and Sydney. Call  +44 (0) 1453-886-000 or email [email protected]

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