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Slot System

Product: ACE-S5692 gaming system Manufacturer: ACROSSER USA Inc.

Slot System

Acrosser Technology officials have said their goal in recent years has been to change the idea of what to expect from a slot machine logic system manufacturer.

After introducing its first gaming product, the AR-B2002 PCI I/O Board, Acrosser executives said they used both their experience and feedback from the market to introduce a new series of products combining the CPU motherboard and I/O board into one product. This new, all-in-one design aimed to decrease issues related to compatibility of what used to be two separate products, thus making it easier for a slot OEM to use. The product could also reduce a company’s time to market with a new game.

The most recent release in Acrosser’s line of all-in-one gaming systems is the ACE-S5692. Utilizing the latest in Intel chipsets, the unit can support Core 2 Duo CPUs for high-performance games. For video slots, the unit can support up to four independent displays, and includes a PCI Express x16 slot for upgradeable graphics. Acrosser’s new system also includes an eight-reel control board, which is mounted directly inside the enclosure.

For many slot OEMs, interfacing with the slot machine peripherals can be diffcult. Acrosser executives said their API and library of drivers make developing on the ACE-S5692’s isolated and interruptible digital inputs and digital outputs “a piece of cake.” The available JAMMA and 72-Pin I/O interfaces can make upgrading some older cabinets with these technologies easier.

Many slot machine manufacturers say security is top priority in the design of any slot machine; Acrosser representatives said they made the ACE-S5692 with this in mind. Some security features include ATP (Acrosser Trusted Platform), secure boot, TPM, iButton socket, ProtectU, EPROM security, dual battery backed SRAM and intrusion logger, among other features.

For more information about the ACE-S5692 or other Acrosser products, contact 714-903-1760 or visit

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