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Slot Sense

Slot Sense

The types of slot machines differ in every country in the world because of different regulations and player preferences. In the latest Eilers-Fantini Slot Survey (for the fourth quarter of 2015), charts showed the breakdown of the different kinds of slots, as well as the market share in North America and internationally.

Below, two charts break down the different styles of machines in the U.S. and international markets.

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Market share is determined by the number of active slot machines in casinos around the world. IGT continues to have the largest market share in both the casino-owned and the leased/participation games in North America and internationally.

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Charts courtesy of the Eilers-Fantini Slot Report. To obtain a copy of the full report, contact Ashley Hara of Fantini Research toll-free at 866-683-4357 or at [email protected], or Todd Eilers at [email protected] or 714-769-9154.