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Shuffle Master Side Bet Pays $1 Million

Shuffle Master Side Bet  Pays $1 Million

Table game supplier Shuffle Master is debuting a new side bet for its popular Three Card Poker game this month at Las Vegas casinos of Caesars Entertainment. The payoff is million.

The “6 Card Bonus” side bet on Three Card Poker gives players a shot at winning $1 million with a total wager of only $15. The big payoff is for a “Super Royal”—9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace—in diamonds. A Super Royal in any other suit with the side bet made pays $100,000.

“We are excited to offer the first-ever table game with an instant jackpot of this size to our Caesars Entertainment guests,” said Jeff Kowalchuk, director of corporate table games for Caesars Entertainment. “Our goal is to create a new and exciting concept that has never been seen in table games before, a $1 million payout that will attract new table players, and offer a jackpot comparable to what you see in progressive slots. Three Card Poker is one of the easiest and most popular table games played in casinos today, so creating the new 6 Card Bonus wager with a $1 million payout is a natural fit.”

“Shuffle Master is very pleased with our partnership with Caesars Entertainment in delivering an exciting twist to the game of Three Card Poker,” said Shuffle Master CEO Gavin Isaacs. “This is yet another example of how Caesars Entertainment goes above and beyond in creating extraordinary experiences for their players. The 6 Card Bonus side bet provides players with more chances to win, and the ability to deliver a $1 million payout is unprecedented. We’re delighted to offer our content as the vehicle for this extraordinary promotion, and pleased that our i-Deal shufflers provide security and protect the integrity of the game.”