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Seat of Power

Product: Halo BaseManufacturer: Gasser Chair Company

Seat of Power

Veteran Ohio-based casino seating supplier Gasser Chair Company has launched a new innovation for the gaming industry, the patent-pending Halo Base.

Featuring a cold-formed steel base encased in a special coating, the Halo Base adds improved functionality to the popular disc base design used in many casinos. Because of its unique design and powder coating process, it significantly reduces the force required to move a gaming stool on carpeted flooring.

Therefore, a traditional disc base stool that is typically awkward and difficult for a player to move can now be moved with ease. And, as an added benefit for the casino, the Halo Base design reduces abrasive wear and tear on carpeted floors that a traditional disc base creates.

Most people will instinctively grab a gaming stool at the top of the back rest to move it. However, due to the physical geometry of a stool, it will tend to tip before moving. The Halo Base coordinates the tipping motion with the forces applied to move a stool by allowing the energy to be quickly and effectively transferred into lateral forces, allowing the stool to move more easily. This is accomplished via the curved edge being turned slightly upward, away from the floor, so the edge of the base does not dig into the carpeting. 

The Halo Base has been extensively tested and successfully installed in several casinos, most recently at the Ameristar Casinos in Kansas City and St. Charles. “With its unique design and special coating process, the Halo Base looks to revolutionize the design and functionality of gaming stools,” said a statement from Gasser Chair.

For more information, visit to view a video of the halo base in action.

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