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Searching for the Challenge

Loren Rosenberg, Vice President Product & Market Strategy, Everi Holdings, Inc.

Searching for the Challenge

Loren Rosenberg joined Everi Holdings as vice president of product and market strategy. With more than a decade of sales, manufacturing, and product development experience, he was ready to build out a long-term product portfolio with a breadth and depth of solutions for Everi’s games division.

Rosenberg was recruited out of Cornell by WMS Industries, where he participated in a management development program—rotating through commercial functions. “It was a great opportunity to be that young in my career, and to get that kind of exposure,” he says.

Ken Lochiatto, then COO at WMS, was Rosenberg’s first manager and early mentor. He provided a wealth of industry knowledge and firsthand exposure to executive decision-making, and demonstrated the importance of relationship-building.

Rosenberg joined the WMS sales team full-time, working for industry veteran Jim Heater, another strong mentor. In a short time, he more than doubled revenue for his region, while also cultivating and maintaining strong relationships with casino operators.

After four years, Dean Ehrlich, then senior vice president of gaming operations at WMS, presented Rosenberg with an opportunity to oversee leasing strategy and to rebuild the analytics team from the ground up. Rosenberg dove deep into data analytics and focused on commercial revenue opportunities. He was part of the team that pioneered the “Pod Strategy,” a banking technique for leased product incorporating eye-catching signs, designed to migrate leased product from back walls to more premium gaming floor real estate. This innovation helped grow WMS’ recurring business by 30 percent.

In 2013, Scientific Games acquired WMS and Rosenberg faced a new challenge: gaining alignment of his vision of a newly merged gaming operations team. In this role, he evaluated the differing business models, sales strategies and data structures and looked for synergies and growth opportunities as the businesses weaved together.

Not long after, he decided to pursue his executive MBA, and was the youngest student in a class of 60 at the University of Michigan, Ross School of Business.

After finishing his master’s program, Rosenberg was at a crossroads in his career. He knew solving key business challenges and driving an organization forward were major drivers for him, and both needed to be at the heart of any new role he would take on. The perfect fit came at Everi.

He found that Everi welcomed a laser-

focused and disciplined approach aimed at moving the needle against competition. Rosenberg is most proud of the past year in his career. With the culmination of G2E last October, there has been resounding feedback from the industry, analysts and customers that Everi’s current portfolio and outlook is stronger than ever, proving that his approach of ruthless prioritization is already yielding results.

Rosenberg feels “very fortunate to have a great team to support, enable, and empower.”

He wants to give his team the opportunities he’s been given to help them face new challenges and solve problems collectively. “It’s a group effort,” he says. “We have great designers, product managers and tech personnel.”

In his time away from strategy and development, Rosenberg travels the world with his wife Anneliese. Recently, they took the trip of a lifetime to Africa, and make time for international travel a few times a year. Most recently: a tour of Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic over the holiday season.