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Seamless Solution

PRODUCT: VIP Preferred • MANUFACTURER: Pavilion Payments

Seamless Solution

Pavilion Payments is the largest U.S.-based vertically integrated payments provider in the iGaming and land-based casino industries. Pavilion Payments’ 360-degree integration of payment solutions helps casinos enhance the customer experience and increase operational efficiency, all while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Vertically integrated solutions are a clear competitive advantage for operators while also creating an elevated patron experience. Through complete ownership, there is no disconnect between operators, patrons and technology, all while being fast, simple and cost-effective.

Pavilion Payments’ industry-standard e-check/ACH network, VIP Preferred, integrates seamlessly with various gaming platforms, providing a state-of-the-art payment experience for users. The patron experience is enhanced by the convenient options to streamline the enrollment process, including manually entering bank information or utilizing online banking credentials.

Pavilion Payments’ VIP Preferred ecosystem of solutions enables secure and seamless funding across all locations, devices and channels. Through VIP Preferred, operators are given complete ownership over the payment process, allowing for cohesive and frictionless patron support.

Pavilion Payments’ solutions also create the easiest payments process in the iGaming industry. By allowing patrons to enroll with VIP Preferred using online bank credentials, they can instantly connect to hundreds of online gaming institutions across the U.S. The VIP Preferred e-check/ACH network connects directly to the patron’s checking account, enabling lightning-fast payments with bank-grade security.

The VIP Preferred network also enables Pavilion Payments’ brick-and-mortar solutions like VIP Mobility and VIP Financial Center. VIP Mobility, the industry’s first mobile solution enabling true cashless gaming, utilizes the VIP Preferred network to fund the patron’s wagering account through the patron’s mobile device. VIP Preferred Financial Center similarly uses the VIP Preferred network for a wide array of capabilities, including self-service TITO redemption, bill breaking, VIP Preferred e-check, ATM, and cash advance capabilities. In both cases, the solutions that enhance the payments experience on the casino floor are closely interconnected to the VIP Preferred e-check/ACH network.

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