Scents and Dollars

Service: Making Scents Live VIP Player Event Producer: 133 Scentertainment LL

It’s always a challenge for casino marketing professionals to come up with unique events that will capture the imaginations of often-jaded premium customers. The folks at 133 Scentertainment LLC insist the answer is right under players’ noses.

“Making Scents Live” is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind, interactive event that is proving to be a huge hit with VIP customers.

During a 90-minute “Making Scents Live” session, guests are provided a kit with six liquid fragrances and tools with which they make their own customized scent.

Under the direction of a qualified “scentertainer,” they create a one-ounce bottle of perfume or men’s cologne with ingredients determined by their personal tastes and preferences. Thus, each person leaves the event with a scent that is exclusively theirs.

Participants are encouraged to write down their formulas on “recipe cards” to use the remaining ingredients at home to make more of their creation, or a completely different one, and they can order refill fragrances online.

Kits are created from a catalog of 300 fragrances, ranging from the typical (Patchouli, Lavender, Grapefruit) to the far-out (Play-Doh, Bonfire and Leather Jacket). Kits can be geared to a variety of themes or seasons (lighter for spring and summer, more woodsy and heavier for fall and winter).

“Experiential activities are what the public is seeking today—hence, the incredible success of painting parties and facilities where people can cook their own meals,” says 133 Scentertainment President Karen Dubin, a world-renowned perfume expert. “But a meal is eaten and forgotten, and there’s no guarantee a painting is going to be display-worthy.

“With our custom kits, everyone will leave with a scent that they personally designed and love, and each time they wear it, they will be reminded of the great time they had at the property—and, that having fun never smelled so good!”

The first two “Making Scents Live” events were staged last November at FireKeepers Casino in Battle Creek, Michigan. They proved so successful that another two sessions were booked in June.

“This is a fun, participatory VIP event which both women and men enjoyed and gave high grades,” says Jim Wise, FireKeepers’ vice president of marketing. “‘Making Scents made friends with our VIPs and generated great reviews and nice return on investment.

“We like to be ahead of the curve, and Making Scents has the potential to be the new VIP Party of the Year.”

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