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Whether at the bar, behind the counter, or on the sportsbook floor, SuzoHapp believes that customers should be able to place their bets where they want and how they want. The company has shifted the paradigm of where and how sports betting can happen with its terminals for bar-top or table-top applications.

Last year, SuzoHapp launched the SBT-500, a cashless tabletop sports betting terminal designed to fit in video poker bar slots, allowing customers to place bets while actively watching a game. This year, SuzoHapp has released the SBT-500+, an updated model that includes cash acceptance with a bill validator and cash box matching the dimensions of existing video poker machines for an easy swap, allowing customers to bet anonymously with cash while meeting at the bar to encourage lucrative in-play betting.

The SBT-500+ is, by the nature of its design and location, perfectly positioned to help transition sports fans into sports bettors without the high cost of customer acquisition needed with a full platform download. While watching the game at the bar, a customer has the option to anonymously use cash to place an easy bet without the discomfort of standing in a line or at a kiosk, and with no pressure of other patrons waiting for the terminal allowing for scrolling through events and learning about how to bet.

In the European sports betting market, almost 70 percent of sports betting revenue is generated by in-play betting. SuzoHapp has solutions to allow customers to place those in-play bets in retail settings without removing themselves from the social event by betting on their phone and instead engaging in the atmosphere.

The SBT-500+ is a table-top terminal designed to create an anonymous, easy betting experience in an attractive, well-conceived design intended for bar and restaurant environments. The SBT-500+ is strategically engineered for various viewing angles and has a unique sealed spill-proof design with a 9-degree slant to prevent drink placement on top of the unit. The underlit LEDs are software-controllable, full-spectrum RGB, and the base can be fully customized with baked-on powder coatings for colors or logos.

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