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SafeBet Slot Pod System

HBG Design • Booth 3807

SafeBet Slot Pod System

Just as casinos across the country rebounded from the Covid-19 pandemic, the delta variant has begun to steal the spotlight. SafeBet is a critical solution enabling a casino’s post-pandemic recovery to continue escalating. Now, more than ever, providing customers with “the safest seat on the gaming floor” through the SafeBet slot pod system is vital to your bottom line.

SafeBet is designed to give casino operators the ability to emphasize health, safety and comfort of guests while protecting their highest revenue-generating assets from Covid variants, today and into the future.

SafeBet features the only personalized ventilation system available in the gaming industry that supplies disinfected, pathogen-free air directly to the breathing area of customers during slot play. Engineered to solve human health and safety challenges, the SafeBet slot pod also provides enhanced aesthetics that improve the casino customer experience, while maximizing space on the gaming floor.

The patent-pending system is designed by noted casino and hospitality design firm HBG Design and manufactured in the United States by KGM Gaming.

Working with KGM Gaming and a diverse team of engineers and manufacturers, HBG Design’s team developed an integrated, patent-pending UVC Breathing Zone feature, which is a custom-designed, self-contained and fully shielded UVC filtration system. SafeBet’s UVC Breathing Zone technology is proven over 99 percent effective in neutralizing coronavirus and other pathogens. Testing confirms that the presence of coronavirus was reduced by 99.99 percent per air pass in the SafeBet pod.

Multiple configurations including three- and four-game pods as well as back-to-back and wall footprints make the SafeBet product a convenient, ready-to-install option that is a clear differentiator in the marketplace. SafeBet can be manufactured in any configuration.

The high visibility of SafeBet draws attention to a casino’s commitment to health-conscious technology and provides a superior guest experience.

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