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Still the Player Loyalty Solution


Loyalty looks different now than it did two years ago. Product reward trends look different than they did two years ago. Player behavior is different now than it was two years ago. But the answer to engagement and loyalty still is the same—Rymax, still the go-to player loyalty solution.

No matter how the industry has changed, no matter what challenges a property may face, Rymax still can be counted on as the expert partner in player motivation. As the leading loyalty marketing and rewards provider, Rymax truly understands what drives players. The company engages and motivates audiences through the power of trending merchandise, offering an unmatched portfolio of more than 17,000 product rewards.

Rymax works closely with 450 of today’s top brands like Solo Stove, Theragun, Echelon, Tory Burch and Sonos to bring players the very best in aspirational merchandise. Then, using demographic data and analytics, Rymax creates a program specifically tailored to the client’s players.

The carefully curated selection of rewards and exclusive interactive reward experiences bring smiles to players’ faces and create lasting memories tied directly to a property.

The Rymax team works tirelessly to ensure gaming organizations capture new audiences, bolster relationships and stimulate repeat play among existing players. Backed by passion, experience, vision and grit, Rymax award-winning casino loyalty programs offer tools and rewards that appeal to players at all levels and of every generation.

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