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Rock Paper Scissors

Aruze Gaming

Rock Paper Scissors

This latest game in Aruze’s Activ-Play series replicates the age-old children’s game Rock Paper Scissors. On the large-format Muso Curve 55 cabinet are buttons to wager Rock, Paper or Scissors. At the center of the screen is an LED representation of a hand that ends up with one of the three gestures of the classic kid’s game—a fist for Rock, an open hand for Paper, or a two-finger sign (like a V for victory) for scissors.

The game carries a $1 denomination, with a maximum bet of $500.

Just like in the kid’s game, Paper covers Rock, Scissors cut Paper, and Rock smashes Scissors. The game progresses through rapid wagers and outcomes. When the player wins, a prize wheel at the center of the 55-inch screen spins to a credit award or one of two progressive jackpots, the Ruby resetting at $250 or the Diamond resetting at $5,000. If the player picks the same outcome as the computer, it is a tie, and the game repeats for free.

There are five levels to the prize wheel, the range of credit prizes rising with each level. Each time the outcome is a tie, the prize wheel level rises by one for the following game, until reaching level 5. Top credit prizes range from $50 at wheel level 1 to $150 at level 5.

Manufacturer: Aruze Gaming
Platform: Muso Curve 55
Format: Video picking game
Max Bet: 500
Denomination: 1.00
Top Award: Progressive; $5,000 reset
Hit Frequency: 33.3%
Theoretical Hold: 3.62%-11.62%

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