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Rock and Roll Legend

AC Coin & Slot

Rock and Roll Legend

Manufacturer: AC Coin & Slot
Platform: S2000
Format: Five-reel, 20-line stepper slot
Denominations: .01, .02
Max Bet: 100
Top Award: 50,000 credits
Hit Frequency: Approximately 50%
Theoretical Hold: 8%—11%

This community-style game from AC Coin comes in a setup of two five-reel stepper games under a giant bonus LCD screen used for a common bonus event.

The base 20-line video slot—there is a 20-credit minimum forced bet—is IGT’s “Double Jackpot 7s” pay table. The primary game features AC Coin’s popular “Quick Hit” feature, which promotes increased coin-in by offering a bonus event every seven spins with maximum bet wagered. The Quick Hit bonus, triggered with two bonus symbols on the middle reels, leads to one of three bonuses. Images of a bar, an amp stack or a tattoo hide 12 credit award values. A bonus animation clip plays and one of the values is awarded, with an average bonus of 135 credits.

The main bonus event occurs every 64 spins, on average, with max-bet required. The bonus plays out on the large overhead screen, as one of three “Rock and Roll Legend” characters stands beside four lines representing a musical staff. As the “Legend” begins a guitar solo, notes rise from the bottom of the screen, as credit award levels move across each line. When a note hits a credit award of the same color, that amount is awarded in an ongoing tally.

After all the credits are tallied from the notes, four multiplier awards randomly move across each line. The player receives four additional music notes for the multiplier round. If the note touches a multiplier of the same color, that multiplier is applied to the accumulated award.

The game is designed for low denominations, with a high hit and bonus frequency and built-in incentives for maximum bets.

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