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RG Education

PRODUCT: RG24seven • MANUFACTURER: BMM Innovation Group

RG Education

RG24seven, a BMM Innovation Group (BIG) company, is a compliance-grade virtual education and training platform for gaming employees. Training is completely free of charge, ensuring that every person in the industry has access to essential courses in responsible gaming, anti-money laundering, human trafficking awareness, and a host of topics related to the casino industry.

One of RG24seven’s distinctive features is its cutting-edge training platform, designed to be easily accessible, immersive, and interactive for learners. This initiative underscores BIG’s commitment to providing innovative solutions to empower gaming employees in this rapidly evolving industry.

Learners can engage with the content via desktop, mobile or tablet devices, allowing them to learn on their own time and at their own pace. RG24seven offers video-based training led by industry experts, which means always having access to the best minds in the industry. In the same way, managers can effortlessly assign training and monitor progress, making compliance a streamlined process.

RG24seven’s reporting system is second to none, allowing managers to track, measure and monitor employee training in real time. While learners watch videos, pass chapter quizzes and earn certificates, RG24seven’s advanced reporting tools provide managers with insightful analytics, offering a panoramic view of the progress of their teams.

The gaming industry is ever evolving, and so is BIG’s training. As we move forward, organizations in the gaming industry must adapt, innovate and collaborate. RG24seven remains committed to embracing and harnessing the power of emerging technologies, collaborating with industry experts, and taking a proactive approach to ensure its courses stay up to date as the industry continues to advance.

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