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Restructured Research Grants Program Designed For Problem Gambling

Restructured Research Grants Program Designed For Problem Gambling

The Institute for Research on Gambling Disorders announced a restructuring of its competitive Project Grants program, which supports high-quality scientific research on gambling disorders.

The newly restructured program will offer twice as many funding opportunities as in previous years. Approximately $350,000 will be available for the awards. This process began with the release of a funding announcement for new Exploration Grants, which will provide quick access to funding for small-scale research projects for researchers focused on gambling disorders. The institute is an independent program of the National Center for Responsible Gaming.

By offering additional funding opportunities, the restructured Project Grants program will help increase the number of researchers working in the field, encourage new investigators to explore gambling disorders and foster multidisciplinary collaboration. All research proposals submitted to the institute are reviewed by independent peer review panels of distinguished scientists in the field to ensure that only the highest quality research is funded.

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