Regional Review

Regional results for commercial casinos

In the June edition of Market Monitor by Manfredi Consulting, the regional results for commercial casinos were posted. The May 2016 calendar compared to May 2015 lost a Friday and Saturday while gaining a Monday and Tuesday. For most regional properties the net effect equates to a 3 percent to 5 percent decline before any other issues. Nationally, data shows a 1.5 percent decline.  Casino gaming drivers: employment, income and gas prices are favorable. The 5 percent growth YTD through December for 2015 may be unrealistic for 2016.  Our 2016 forecast range is growth of 1 percent to 3 percent.  So far, YTD comparison to last year is plus-2 percent. Manfredi principal Vince Manfredi is a marketing executive with more than 30 years experience providing profitable solutions for gaming and hospitality companies. Manfredi has served in senior marketing positions for major gaming corporations.

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