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Reel Money

Bally Technologies

This is a new five-level progressive slot, available in two reel-spinning versions, that Bally designed along the lines of the hit game ?Hot Shots.? It is available in Bally?s Alpha Elite upright or wide-format ?CineReels? cabinet.

The base game is a traditional five-reel game with bars, ?7? symbols and various reel symbol icons depicting wealth, in a 30-payline configuration. The progressive bonus round is played out on a large LCD monitor positioned over the reels. On one side of the screen are the five incrementing jackpots, with a precious gemstone corresponding to each jackpot level. On the other side of the screen is a virtual bonus wheel.

The Emerald jackpot resets at $10; Sapphire, $50; Ruby, $100; Topaz, $1,000; and the top Pearl jackpot, $25,000.

The jackpots are won through a video bonus event played out on the big screen. When three or more Reel Money symbols appear scattered on the reels, it triggers the bonus event. The player gets three, four or five spins of an arrow around the virtual wheel, according to the number of symbols that triggered the bonus event.

There are 10 spots on the wheel, depicting nine bonus amounts ranging from 60 credits to 600 credits, and one precious stone, representing the progressive. Each spin yields either an accumulating bonus amount or the progressive that corresponds to the gemstone displayed. As with Hot Shots before it, it is possible for the player to win anywhere from one to all five of the progressives in one bonus round.

As with Hot Shots, the game math is built around this bonus event?it occurs with about twice the frequency as the bonus round on a typical multi-line slot machine. The progressive round occurs every 32 spins on average, with an average bonus of 1,672 credits. The player is guaranteed a bonus award for each wheel spin. A maximum wager is required to qualify for the progressives, so the operator can expect this game to drive high coin-in levels.

Manufacturer:  Bally Technologies
Platform:  Alpha Elite
Format:  Five-reel, 30-line mechanical slot
Denominations:  .01, .02, .05
Max Bet:  60, 150
Top Award:  Progressive; $25,000 reset
Hit Frequency:  44.69% (36.4% in CineReels version)
Theoretical Hold:  13%?14.25%

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