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Reel Time

Reel Time

Aruze Gaming recently launched its new stepper technology, “Innovator with Radiant Reels.” Designed with large reels dynamically illuminated by multi-colored LED lights and variable spin speeds to build anticipation for winning combinations, Radiant Reels features the largest five-reel stepper strips for a standard cabinet in the gaming industry, measuring 18.1 inches (460mm) across all reels and each strip measuring 3.54 inches (90mm).

These 11-inch-diameter reels “radiate” with 240 full-color LED lights, and feature different illuminations according to game theme and specific conditions within the game. The LEDs flash with different colors to enhance the spinning experience, and the brightness can be adjusted according to player preferences.
When the Radiant Reels come to a stop, these lights illuminate the winning symbols for easy identification. To further enhance game play, Radiant Reels feature over 10 different spin movements to captivate the player’s attention.  Radiant Reels spin forward and backward at various speeds ranging from 3 RPM to 200 RPM, building anticipation and engaging players with a unique stepper experience.       

The Innovator with Radiant Reels had the following themes on display at G2E in Las Vegas: Four Chinese Beasts, Bamboo Panda, Fu Lu Shou and King of Dragons.       

For more information, call 702-361-3166 or visit

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