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Real-Time Data

Product: GlobalSuite Embedded Power BI, Manufacturer: Casino Data Imaging

Real-Time Data

CDI has leveraged the power and focus of Microsoft’s embedded Power BI within the GlobalSuite data visualization application. This important update brings user-friendly, compelling and interactive performance analysis, including trending and indexing, allowing end users to make pre-emptive actionable decisions.

The update includes “state-of-the industry” analysis libraries that address requests and feedback from end users. As customers see the ease and power of GlobalSuite Power BI, the library continues to expand. Also, users will notice certain standard performance reports as more actionable in Power BI’s visual environment. Examples include, but are not limited to, Daily Trend Analysis Leased Games, Slot Detail Owned and Leased, Title Treemap Owned and Leased, Trend Analysis, Slot, Table and Player Summaries, and Title Trend Slope Analysis.

GlobalSuite Embedded Power BI is easy to edit or to use to create your own program. Between CDI training, tutorials and help desk, end users have tremendous flexibility in edits and creation.

The data conditioning, provided by CDI engineering, layers end users away from the complexities of analysis without sacrificing power and flexibility. This provides GlobalSuite components, including Embedded Power BI, the ability to conduct more thorough analyses that optimize performance indexing and address ongoing requirements such as couponing and leased games.

Power BI launches an update on a weekly basis. On top of that, Power BI selects new features to include in its updates based on requests made by end users through the Power BI Community portal. The graphic shows the ease of leased games analysis by combining the power of indexing with trend charts. Just select one or more existing performance indices, set the desired constant value, activate the trend feature and choose one or more of your lease title(s).

By using a simple slope/intercept formula, the user can easily forecast when titles may potentially fall below expectations.

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